What is a Fanedit?

I’ve been reading fanfiction for a number of years. Sometimes when you’re finished with the source material, you want to read something extra. Fanfiction is great for giving you something extra to enjoy in your favorite franchise.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fantastic writer and there are a number of fanfics out there that fall short in a number of areas. I will take some of these and polish the spelling, grammar, and word choice to make them a bit less painful to read. I don’t change the actual story at all, so plot holes are still an occupational hazard, but at least they’l be readable.

To make the experience even more entertaining, I’ll keep a running commentary as I edit. The commentary is optional to read, so you can skip it if you like. It ranges from lamentations of especially rough chapters to edit to snarky comments about plot points.

Do note that I claim no ownership over any of these stories. I do recommend supporting the original authors and will link back to and credit them as appropriate.