Railgun Online Book 1 – Prologue

Note: I claim no ownership to any part of this story. It is by MisakaLovesYou on Wattpad and if you like it, support her. I personally did not and just want to make fun of the abysmal grammar I found in the story.

While all my comments are legitimate concerns I had, they are also mostly for comedy purposes. Also, I am a dick and will comment as such.

If I made any grammar mistakes in my fan-edit of this, you may feel free to mock me mercilessly for my transgression.


The girl sat in the dark room. It was an interrogation room, of course. She knew that. The people here wanted to study her, to see how the past two years had affected her. She knew that. She knew what these people wanted. But she couldn’t stop them.

She clasped her hands together fearfully. Her friend, Touma Kamijou, was waiting outside, probably feeling worried too. She felt thin. She was still recovering from the past two years of surviving on hospital fluids.

The interrogator, a man in a black suit with black shades1Because of course that’s what an interrogator would wear when talking to kids who just got out of a traumatizing experience., sat down across from her, holding a bunch of files.

“Hello. Mikoto Misaka right? Level 5 Esper. How are you?”

Mikoto didn’t respond. She wasn’t going to fall for the whole “we care about what you’re going through” routine. She knew what they wanted. They wanted to catch him: the creator of the prison, the world, the universe that was full of monsters, atrocities, yet love, and lives.2This sentence was just a dumpster fire, so I gave up trying to fix it. A world that had changed her.

“I know what you want,” Mikoto whispered, “but I can’t help you. And Kirito can’t help you either.”

“You mean Kazuto Kirigaya?” said the interrogator. “Yes, he told me the same thing. But I’m not your average interrogator. Actually I’m a psychologist.3Ah, suddenly the intimidating getup makes sense. /s As you know, everybody in your age group has been transferred to Academy City for, erm, a catching up, if you will. What better place to reaffirm4I don’t think that’s the right word here, but I don’t care enough to put mental effort towards finding a better one. your education than this place after all?”

“I guess…”5MisakaLovesYou really likes abusing poor innocent ellipses, so I figured I’d oblige her here. Mikoto murmured. “So what? You’re hoping you can find some clues by looking at my mental state?”

“Something like that,” said the man. “Yes. Now, I believe it was the first ever MMORPG ever created for the NerveGear, Sword Art Online?”6Shouldn’t he already know this? Like, that is the entire point of them having this conversation.

“Yes,” Mikoto said.

“And you were a unique player,” said the man. “Not only were you the only one of three Espers who played the game, but the moment you logged on you instantly suffered from amnesia.”7Even after trying to fix it, I still don’t quite care for the wording here.

“Yeah,” said Mikoto. “I couldn’t remember anything.”

“Yes, that’s good,”8…No it’s not. said the man. “So, why don’t we start from the beginning then? Tell me about your life in that world.”

“Life?!” Mikoto growled. She slammed her fist against the table, and electric sparks rippled out along the metal. “You’re just one of those stupid scientists trying to see how my abilities were affected by my experiences in there!9Actually, he’s a psychologist. Didn’t the black suit and glasses remind you? Well forget it!”

“Calm down, Misaka,” said the man. “I understand. I’ve read your file. I know about Project Radio Noise.10…How?! There shouldn’t be any records of its existence left. I know how much you distrust Academy City’s system. But I’m from the Japanese government, not Academy City. You can even check my credentials if you wish. Please, it is required that we do this for everyone, not just you. We need to assess if you’re ready to go back into the ‘real world,’11I almost swapped the single quotes here for double quotes. For once, MisakaLovesYou knew better than me. so to speak.”

Mikoto sighed. “Fine. You want to listen to my story? Well I’m warning you, it was both a nightmare and a blessing.”

“Yes. I heard the story from Kazuto’s point of view,” said the man, “but I would like to hear it from your mouth, to see it through your eyes.”

“Fine,” said Mikoto. “I’ll tell you everything. But none of it leaves this room. None of it, you understand me?”

“Yes,” said the man. “The same will be said for everyone I’ve talked to. What happens in this room stays in this room, and what happened in SAO stays in SAO.”

“I hope what you said about this room is true..” said Mikoto. “Because ‘what happens in SAO stays in SAO’ can’t be further from the truth…”12The construction of this line is more or less what made me decide to fan-edit this thing. It was a mess to the point of being physically painful. I’m actually okay with the reworking I did here.

And so Mikoto began her tale, the story of Sword Art Online.

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