Railgun Online Book 1 Chapter 7 – Somebody Remembers Me

Note: I claim no ownership to any part of this story. It is by MisakaLovesYou on Wattpad and if you like it, support her. I personally did not and just want to make fun of the abysmal grammar I found in the story.

While all my comments are legitimate concerns I had, they are also mostly for comedy purposes. Also, I am a dick and will comment as such.

If I made any grammar mistakes in my fan-edit of this, you may feel free to mock me mercilessly for my transgression.

1This chapter is going to suckLisbeth’s Smith Shop was a highly recommended shop on Floor 48 of Aincrad. It was a small pleasant house with a water wheel and a front porch with a rocking chair. The owner, Lisbeth, who happened to be Asuna’s best friend, took great pride in her work, constantly toiling to make the finest weapons. Some were hung on the wall while others were placed in display cases.

At the moment, Lisbeth was in the workshop, using an anvil to hammer a hot piece of metal near a bellows and furnace.

Lisbeth was a girl with fluffy pink hair. Her pink uniform made her look more like a maid than a blacksmith with its apron and puffy sleeves.

Lisbeth gave her work a focused, serious look, being very careful with her hammer as she worked. Finally, the piece of metal she was working with glowed and changed shape into a large broadsword.

Lisbeth gave a satisfied sigh and smiled as she picked up the sword and swung it experimentally. “Well, this will fetch a good price, that’s for sure.”

Suddenly, she heard a bell ring, indicating that someone had walked into her shop. Lisbeth had an NPC named Hanna who could handle making transactions, but Lisbeth also preferred to talk to customers herself, since she could offer advice based on what the customer wanted.

Lisbeth walked out of her workshop and over to the counter, putting on a cheery smile. “Hello! Welcome to Lisbeth’s Smith Shop!”

The customer didn’t seem to notice Lisbeth. Lisbeth had never seen her before, with medium length chestnut brown hair, a gold long black bordered scarf, and waist faulds, her black sleeves form fitting shirt with a gold armored small chest plate.

“Er, I said welcome,” Lisbeth repeated.

“O-oh!” The girl looked up and bowed apologetically.2Misaka was referred to by name throughout this chapter despite the fact that Lisbeth wouldn’t know her name. I considered leaving all references to Misaka’s name, but ultimately decided to go with more vague nouns for the sake of effect. “S-sorry, thank you! I was just lost in thought. Er, yeah, somebody recommended this shop, and I was hoping you could help me.”

“Looking for a good sword?” said Lisbeth. “I’ve got just what you need!”

“Actually, I was thinking of selling a weapon, and my friend Asuna said you could offer me a good deal.”

“Asuna?” Lisbeth laughed. “Why didn’t you say so sooner? If you’re a friend of Asuna’s, then I’ll give you a great deal! I don’t buy weapons here often though. Do you have it with you?”

“Right.” The girl scrolled through her item pouch and selected a weapon. With a burst of light, a sword appeared in her hands. It had a dark bluish-purple hilt with a yellow jewel set in it. The cross-guard was shaped like a pair of wings. A distinctive triangle-shaped formation inscribed near the bottom of the blade.

Lisbeth’s jaw dropped. “A Master Sword? Oh my God!”

“How much can I get it for?” the customer asked.

“Okay, first of all,” said Lisbeth, “why the heck3Would Lisbeth say “hell”? I feel like Lisbeth would say “hell”. would you want to get rid of this? And secondly, I couldn’t afford to buy this if I sold my entire shop! It’s the rarest weapon in the game.”

The girl’s face fell. “R-really? B-but…”

“Look, why would you want to sell such a rare blade?” Lisbeth continued. “According to the guide, this thing has a two hundred percent critical hit ratio, and it’s completely unbreakable where durability is concerned.”

“I have a very good weapon already,” the customer said. “That’s the problem. I wouldn’t know what to do with a second one. I’d rather not have one sword sitting around in my item pouch doing nothing, especially if it’s so rare and could be used better in someone else’s hands.”

“Wow… An ordinary player would just hang onto a rare item like that forever,” said Lisbeth. “Why don’t you just sell the other sword? I can definitely guarantee you that nobody’s gonna have enough money to buy a Master Sword.”

“‘Kay.” The girl put the Master Sword back in her Item Pouch. “What about this, then? I’ve been using it for almost an entire year now, ever since I upgraded it.”

Lisbeth couldn’t help but shake with envy as she took the Static Smite and held it in her hands. “Th-this…”

“So,” said the girl, “how much?”

“About as much as the Master Sword,” Lisbeth replied weakly.

“Y-you’re kidding me!”

“This is the only sword of its kind currently in existence,” said Lisbeth. “It’s easier to get then the Master Sword, since getting the Demon Smiter is just a matter of very, very good luck, but… yeah, sorry, but the only way for you to get rid of either of your weapons is to either delete them or trade them in for something of equal value, like a bunch of my best swords here. But you’re selling these because you said you only need one weapon, so a trade in wouldn’t really be helpful to you.”

The customer bowed her head sadly. “This… is going to be difficult.”

4There is a large portion of this story missing before this paragraph. The entire thing was out of place and mostly irrelevant, but had just enough plot relevance to be annoying to edit out. I decided that it was best to just remove it and smooth out the plot as I went. This was the biggest cut I made to this point, so you can check out the original to see what was removed.While the girl mused over her options, Lisbeth gave her another look. She realized she had seen the girl somewhere before. The Static Smite enforced her suspicion and the Master Sword clinched it. “So, you’re the Glitch- I mean, Railgun!”

Mikoto nodded. “Yeah, that’s me. The Glitch Blade.”

“S-sorry!” Lisbeth exclaimed. “I didn’t mean it that way, I swear!”

“It’s okay,” said Mikoto. “I’ve gotten used to it. I know you’re not trying to be mean or anything. Well, I’ve got to find something to do with this Master Sword…”

Mikoto turned to leave, but Lisbeth held out a hand. “W-wait! I-I could perform convergence forging!”

Mikoto turned to look at Lisbeth, wide-eyed. “N-no way. Really?”

Convergence forging took place when three weapons were combined together to create one weapon. There were, however, special conditions that needed to be met. All of the weapons needed to be a similar rarity or quality, and the smith performing the convergence forging needed to be at a certain skill level.

“Yeah, really,” Lisbeth said, puffing out her chest proudly. “I just gained the necessary skill points three days ago. All we need is a third sword that’s at least as good of a quality as your Master Sword and Static Smite, then we can make one good super sword, and you won’t have to get rid of any of them.”

“Okay,” said Mikoto cautiously. “Do you have a sword like that?”

“Yep! Wait right here!”

Lisbeth took out an elegant-looking blade from one of the display cases and set it down on the counter. “Okay. This is the best sword I’ve ever made. It has a high critical hit ratio and damage rating, so even if it isn’t as rare, it’s definitely the same quality. We can perform the convergence right here, so bring out the other two.”

Mikoto set down the Master Sword and Static Smite5Didn’t bring this up when I originally changed it, but “Static” is consistently spelled “Statick” in the story and I have no idea why. next to Lisbeth’s sword as she took out her hammer.

“Okay, if this goes right we’ll be making a hidden weapon that no one’s ever created before,” Lisbeth said.

“And if it doesn’t?” Mikoto asked.

“Well, the lowest quality sword breaks,” Lisbeth replied. “But that’s not going to happen, ’cause we’ve got three great blades here!”

Lisbeth tapped her hammer on all three blades. They began to glow, moving toward each other and seemingly trying to fuse. Suddenly there was a shatter. The light faded, revealing the Master Sword, the Static Smite, and hundreds of tiny polygons that used to be the third sword.

Lisbeth fell to her knees. “Th-that was my masterpiece…”

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” Mikoto exclaimed. “I-I promise I’ll pay for that!”

Lisbeth let her head drop. “No. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have thought anything I made could match such rare weapons.”

Mikoto rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Hmmm… All we need, then, is another legendary class weapon. Well, Kirito has a Demon Smiter he doesn’t need, and I could go back to the Black Flame Dragon’s den for some Grim Ore…”

Lisbeth rose suddenly and slammed her fist on the counter. “No! You are my customer, dammit, and you are going to get some guaranteed satisfaction!”6Lisbeth would definitely say “hell”.

“Eh, it’s okay…” Mikoto began, but Lisbeth cut her off with a finger.

She smiled slyly and pulled out a dungeon map. “Took me ages to get this.”

Mikoto was suddenly interested again. “What is that?” she asked.

“The location of a rare sword so rare that it’s impossible to forge,” said Lisbeth. “An Anaklusmos!7These poor names The sword of Hercules!”

“Er, okay…” said Mikoto. “Just give me the map then and I’ll go get-“

“No!” said Lisbeth. “I’m getting it. I found this map, and I’m going to make sure the effort was worth it.”8How stupid do you have to be to deny the help of someone clearly stronger than you and run into a dangerous dungeon for kicks?

“Are you sure?” said Mikoto. “This dungeon looks dangerous.”

“I think I can hold my own. Shouldn’t be harder than that entrance exam for Tokiwadai Middle School.”9Well isn’t that convenient.

“Tokiwadai… Middle?” Mikoto asked.

“Oh right!” said Lisbeth. “Before I got trapped in this game, I was going to enroll at a school in Academy City.”

“Oh, Kirito told me a little about it. That’s the city where people can learn to develop psychic powers, right?” said Mikoto.

“Really? That’s all you know about the place?” said Lisbeth, growing increasingly excited. “You have no idea, girl! They’ve developed technology thirty years beyond the rest of the world! And then there’s the espers themselves!!”

Mikoto hummed thoughtfully. “And that’s what they call the psychics, right? Espers…”10Japan really doesn’t like using the word “psychic”.

“Yep!” said Lisbeth. “When I wake up! I swear, the first thing I’m going to do, is find the third-ranked esper and get her autograph!”11I hate the word “esper” now.
After a little research, it seems it should not be a proper noun, so I’ll be keeping it lowercase.
Unfortunately for my decision, MisakaLovesYou seems to have decided that “esper” should be a proper noun.

“Third-ranked?” Mikoto asked curiously.

“Yep! I think you’d like her. She’s the third strongest esper in the city, and her ability’s name is the same as your username: Railgun!” Lisbeth said excitedly. “Oh… look at me rambling on! Don’t you worry, I’ll be back with that legendary sword before you know it!” Lisbeth ran out of the shop.12Idiot.

Mikoto’s eyes widened in sudden panic. She grabbed her swords and ran after Lisbeth. “W-wait! No! That dungeon’s for high level players! You’ll get in huge trouble! Hold up!

A few minutes later Kirito entered the shop. He looked around as the NPC, Hanna, took her place behind the shop’s counter.

“Odd…” Kirito muttered. “Where’s Misaka? She said she’d meet me here. And where’s Lisbeth?”

Kirito suddenly noticed the dungeon map on the counter. “Oh no… they didn’t…”

“Alright!” said Lisbeth, adjusting the large pack on her shoulder. They were in a large stone hallway. Torches along the walls provided them just enough light to see their way around. “Welcome to the maze of Floor 48! Neat, huh? Only a few high level players know about this dungeon so far, including me!”

“Just stay near me and don’t make any sudden moves,” Mikoto muttered. She had her sword drawn and was looking from side to side with a serious expression.

“Wow. You remind me of Kirito,” said Lisbeth. “It’s going to be fine.”

“Yeah… except my sight skill is high enough to see all the level 72 ghouls in the walls.” Mikoto countered.

“O-oh…” Lisbeth stammered.13See, this is stammering “Staying close to you then.”

Mikoto smiled. “Don’t worry. They shouldn’t attack as long as we don’t touch the walls in odd places.” Satisfied that nothing was going to jump out of the walls and ambush them, Mikoto returned more of her attention to Lisbeth. “So, tell me more about this other Railgun from Academy City. It sounds like you’re a real fan of hers.”

“I would like to say number one fan, but that would be presumptuous,” said Lisbeth. “Everybody says she’s a proper lady, but from what I hear, she’s got a wild streak in her.”

“Uh-huh,” said Mikoto. “So, what’s her actual name anyways? I’m sure people don’t just call her the Railgun all the time.”

“Oh yeah!” said Lisbeth. “I’m kind of shocked you haven’t heard of her to be honest. Her name is… Mikoto Misaka I think…”

Mikoto stopped. She dropped her sword, her eyes widening with shock. She felt like she was struggling to breathe.

“R-Railgun! Are you okay?” said Lisbeth. “Railgun? Railgun! W-was it something I said?”14About half a page was entirely cut and a whole ton of cringe was forced to be made slightly less so. This chapter does not bode well for what remains of this story.

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