Railgun Online Book 1 Chapter 6 – The Fastest Sword

Note: I claim no ownership to any part of this story. It is by MisakaLovesYou on Wattpad and if you like it, support her. I personally did not and just want to make fun of the abysmal grammar I found in the story.

While all my comments are legitimate concerns I had, they are also mostly for comedy purposes. Also, I am a dick and will comment as such.

If I made any grammar mistakes in my fan-edit of this, you may feel free to mock me mercilessly for my transgression.


Koloktos’s blade discs flew around the room like speeding frisbees of death. Mikoto and Asuna ducked, avoiding the attack. Neither of them had been able to get close enough to damage the giant automaton’s pulsating weak point. Koloktos would use its four arms to pulverize anyone who got too close.

“It’s tough!” Mikoto stammered1I don’t see stammering. as she blocked another thrown disc blade. Sparks flew as the blades hit each other. “It’s really tough!”

Just blocking the attack had dropped Mikoto’s health a bit. If she tried to get close, there was no doubt she’d be smashed. With only two players against this monstrous boss, they were doomed.

They needed some way to gain an advantage, and Mikoto realized she had something up her sleeve that might just do it. However, she wasn’t sure she could get it to work, and wasn’t sure what would happen even if it did.

Koloktos backhanded Mikoto into a pillar, causing it to break into pieces. Mikoto let out a cry as her HP bar dropped to yellow.

“Misaka!” Asuna leapt into the air, landing in front of Mikoto and blocking another blow from Koloktos. The impact of the two blades created a shockwave.

“I won’t die,” Asuna growled, “and I won’t let her die either!”

Asuna let out a shout and managed to knock the giant hand aside. She charged in, stabbing her blade forward. The sword glowed with tremendous light. Koloktos’s pulsating chest was hit by a powerful strike and some of its health went down.

“Now Misaka!” Asuna yelled. “Stun it!”

Mikoto screamed and dashed at breakneck speed, slashing her blade through Koloktos’s heart. The boss froze, and Mikoto and Asuna took advantage of the stun to deal a barrage of attack, swinging their blades through Koloktos’s weak spot.

As the stun ended, Koloktos slammed its fists against the ground, sending the two players flying back.

“Asuna!” Mikoto exclaimed, watching as Asuna’s health bar also dropped to yellow. Mikoto pulled out a potion from her item pouch and threw it to her. “Hurry! Drink this!”

Asuna caught the potion and drank some of it, then threw the remainder back to Mikoto. “Drink the rest!”2You two are really panicked for being at yellow health.

After the potion was finished, the two rolled out of the way as Koloktos dedicated two of its arms to smashing Asuna and Mikoto.

“This thing doesn’t have any problem focusing on more then one target at once,” Asuna noted. “Without more people, we don’t have any hope of distracting it completely!” She turned to look at Mikoto. “We’re… we’re… Misaka… I think… we’re going to die here!”

Mikoto gritted her teeth. “No… no no no! I refuse to let you die! This stupid game can take me if it wants, but I refuse to let you die!

Mikoto let out a scream and ran past the astonished Asuna, bobbing and weaving between the two flying blades and the four metal arms. “No way,” Asuna whispered. “I know she maxed out her speed stat, but it’s like she’s getting even faster!”

The boss swung all six arms toward Mikoto. Mikoto’s dodge was so fast, Asuna couldn’t even see it. The arms smashed into the ground, and Mikoto reappeared on one of its hands before running up the arm like a ramp.

Mikoto jumped through a gap in Koloktos’s defenses, ending up upside down in midair next to Koloktos’s pumping heart. She slashed the pulsating red orb before flipping back right-side up and landing on her feet. Koloktos reared back, its arms flailing wildly from the shock of being hit by so many attacks.

“Switch!” Mikoto ordered, launching herself out of the way of another arm as Asuna closed in and began dealing some strikes of her own.

That’s right! It clicked in Asuna’s head. Once a player got close enough to strike a second time, the AI would react to it, creating an opening for other players to strike.

Apparently, the opening wasn’t a long one. One of Koloktos’s giant arms came down toward Asuna. Before Asuna could react, Mikoto launched herself in front of the arm and blocked it with her blade. Mikoto strained from the effort, her avatar looking extremely fatigued as her health dropped a little.

“Come on, robo-Buddha,” Mikoto muttered. “You want her? Well, you’ll have to get through me first!”

Koloktos may have only been an AI, but Mikoto could almost see steam pouring from the boss’s metallic head. It knocked Mikoto to the floor with one hand and used one of its disc blades to try to take her head off.

Asuna jumped in and knocked the blade aside. Together, the two forced the giant hand off Mikoto. They both let out battle cries, knocking away the powerful arms and hacking away at Koloktos’s core.

For an hour they fought, using up their potions and dodging Koloktos’s swift blows. Their only advantage was that Koloktos was practically rooted to the ground. Whenever they moved out of range of its arms, the only thing the automaton could do was throw its weapons. That also gave it time to reposition its arms and protect its heart.

Finally they were down to the final sliver of health, and Mikoto realized they had a chance to win this.

“Come on!” Mikoto screamed. “Just a little bit more!”

“Together!” Asuna roared. “Now!”

Two blades, one white, one gold, pierced the heart of the boss. There was a bright glow as Koloktos’s health reached zero, then it fell silent, its arms going limp and its head bowed.

“That,” Mikoto said, breathing heavily, “was close…” She dropped to her knees. Asuna patted her back. “We did it… we won…”

Asuna smiled and nodded. “I… didn’t think we would make it out of this one…”

Mikoto chuckled. “Yeah… me neither… To be honest… I thought we were both dead.”

“Just one thing,” Asuna said. “Back there… how did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“For a minute,” Asuna replied, “you weren’t just faster than me. You were faster than the limits of the game. You went beyond the system’s limit of how fast a player your level can be. You were a complete blur.”

Mikoto’s eyes widened. “W-well…”

Mikoto knew why that happened, but she wasn’t sure if she should tell Asuna or anybody, for that matter.

“Well…” Mikoto started again, then hesitated. Something was very wrong. “A-Asuna, shouldn’t there be a ‘congratulations’ screen after we beat a boss? And experience? And gold?”

Asuna’s eyes widened with fear. A shadow fell over the two girls. Asuna barely had a chance to turn before a giant golden arm swatted her away. She slammed into a wall, hard.

“Asuna!” Mikoto screamed.

Asuna was unconscious, her health bar down to a sliver. She was literally millimeters from death.

Koloktos slammed all six of its arms against the ground, wrenching its torso from the ground and ripping apart its pedestal. Two large stubby legs formed, allowing it to stand. Koloktos’s arms reached back and produced six giant scimitars, their blades at least ten feet in length. Five new health bars appeared near the boss icon.3I’m pretty sure I re-typed this entire paragraph to clean it up. While I kept a few words, none of this paragraph is in its original form.

Mikoto took a step back in fear as Koloktos stomped forward, waving and twirling its massive blades, a frighteningly creepy smile on its face, its eyes pitch black with dark energy streaming out. A protective metal grate closed over its vulnerable core.

“This… isn’t happening…” Mikoto whimpered. “Th-that’s not fair!”

Koloktos twirled its swords and swung them at Mikoto at blistering speed. Mikoto dodged and blocked as well as she could, but six swords at once, each larger than her entire body, were difficult to keep pace with, and Mikoto found it a miracle she wasn’t dead already.

With each blow that she parried, Mikoto felt some of her health drain. The force of the six giant swords alone were enough to crack any ordinary shield to dust.

Mikoto tried to jump out of the range of Koloktos’s attack. But the automaton, no longer rooted to the ground, jumped after her, swinging it’s blades like a windmill. Mikoto barely dodged in time, the entire chamber shaking from Koloktos’s landing.

Mikoto turned to face the giant boss. This time, it really was over. This was the kind of boss that was meant to be fought with a group. Mikoto had no chance fighting it on her own.

Mikoto happened to glance toward Asuna, lying on the ground. One hitpoint was all that was left of her health, and Mikoto was the only force standing between her and death.

Mikoto couldn’t give up now, couldn’t abandon Asuna like that. If Mikoto was going to die, she was going to go down fighting with everything she had. She wouldn’t just lie down and accept it willingly.

“Alright, pal,” Mikoto said. “Get your giant metal ass over here and let’s finish this!”

Mikoto dashed forward, screaming as she ran, twirling her blade in a defensive pattern, blocking the attacks that came at her. She kept going faster, past the system limits, slashing at Koloktos’s grated chest. However, none of her attacks were able to get through to the heart.

Mikoto’s blade happened to catch one of Koloktos’s arm joints. It sheared through the joint, slicing the arm off entirely. A giant metal forearm fell to the ground, the sword falling with it.

In a flash of inspiration, Mikoto got to work cutting off several other arms. Rather than dealing damage, the arms hovered and reattached to Koloktos, slowing it down but doing no lasting damage.

Mikoto drank the last of her health potions. No more lifelines. There was no way out of this.

Or was there? Once again, Mikoto sliced off one of the giant’s arms. This time, she put away her blade and dove toward the falling arm, picking up the scimitar. She wasn’t surprised by its weight, but she still struggled to hold it. With all her strength, she swung the sword at the automaton.

The blade cut through the grate, exposing the heart behind it and dealing damage to the boss. Here we go! Mikoto attacked with the giant blade, moving as quickly as she could while carrying the extra weight. She slashed through the grating on Koloktos’s chest, clearing away as much of the grating as she could.

Finally, Mikoto discarded the scimitar and drew her own blade, prepping for a sword art. Demon Splitter.

The blade glowed as it shot through Koloktos’s exposed core. Three of Koloktos’s arms swung toward Mikoto, then stopped mid-attack. There was a creaking sound, then the metal pieces fell apart, shattering into tiny multi-colored polygons.A congratulations banner appeared in front of Mikoto.

A new item called the Master Sword caught Mikoto’s eye in the reward list. She closed the screen and noticed through hazy vision that she had only one hitpoint left.

“W-wow… a little too close…” Mikoto muttered to no one in particular before falling unconscious.


When Mikoto came to, her head was on Asuna’s lap while Kirito held a health potion to her mouth. Asuna breathed a sigh of relief as Mikoto’s eyes opened.

“I’m not dead… again,” Mikoto muttered. “Either that or the afterlife is really crummy.” Kirito chuckled.4I have previously established that I really like banter. Therefore, you can conclude that for me to remove banter, it has to be really bad.
Needless to say, banter was removed here.
“How did you find us?”

“You guys had been gone for a while,” Kirito explained. “I expanded our search and noticed that the entire dungeon had been mapped. That only happens after a boss is beaten. Then I was able to find this room.” Kirito turned his attention to a portal that had appeared at the far side of the room. “That must lead to the next level. Guess someone’s gotta go through it, huh?”

“You guys go ahead,” Mikoto muttered. “I’m going to go back to town, find an inn and sleep forever.”

Mikoto started for the boss room’s exit before being interrupted by Kirito. “So… a skill called Flash Step, huh?”5One thing I do have to say I appreciate is the lack of gratuitous Japanese in the story so far. I specifically bring this up now because Shunpo was changed to Flash Step for the purpose of this edit.

Mikoto froze. “H-how…?”

“Kirito found it when he accidentally opened your menu,” Asuna explained, giving Kirito an unconvinced look.

“It was an accident,” Kirito countered.

“It just appeared in my skills list about four months ago,” Mikoto explained. “Apparently it increases my maximum speed and defenses. It’s part of the reason I’m able to take out field bosses when I don’t have ranged advantage. It doesn’t activate often, so I’ve been able to keep it a secret.”

“A unique skill,” Kirito muttered thoughtfully. “Wow… not many of those out there.”6As a matter of fact, before now the number should be exactly zero.

“This would make you practically7I think this is the most correct use of the word “practically” I’ve ever seen. Credit where credit is due to MisakaLovesYou. the fastest player in the game, though” Asuna added.

“Yeah… and I’d prefer others didn’t know about it,” Mikoto said. “So please…”

Kirito nodded. “You got it.” His gaze shifted over Mikoto’s shoulder and his expression turned a but sheepish. “Er… they might be a problem, though.”

Mikoto turned to see several of Asuna’s guards trying to sneak off. “Crap…”

Asuna laughed. “Unique skill or not, this adventure was interesting, Misaka… and…” She hesitated a moment. “We may not have started out as the best of friends, but I think things might have changed. Don’t you?”

Mikoto smiled and too Asuna’s hand. “Yeah… I think so.”8…You know what? I’d ship that.


The change in the relationship between Asuna and Mikoto was perplexing to the players that knew of the Flash and Glitch Blade who frequently butted heads.

Other things changed, too. The Knights of the Blood Oath were suddenly keenly interested in recruiting Mikoto.

One thing never changed: Mikoto’s answer was always “no”.

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